Battle Bots [LIVE] Robot Battles 2012 – ULTIMATE RUMBLE!! 10 Bots Fight!

Battle Bots 2012 district 214 competition at Wheeling High School. All bots have been designed and fabricated by students during class throughout the year, and now they are put to the test! Last Bot standing! These bots are 100 lbs. each and are fully functional with weapons and advanced R/C controls used by students.

This is a Rumble, so these bots have been eliminated and are fighting for their lives in a final epic battle. Super Cool! My Bot is the gray, square Pizza-Box shaped robot that gets flipped towards the end 🙁 Oh and it’s a record for most Bots in battle at once!

Click for the Championship Battle:

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Duration : 0:4:5

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9 thoughts on “Battle Bots [LIVE] Robot Battles 2012 – ULTIMATE RUMBLE!! 10 Bots Fight!

  1. I feel like I see a …
    I feel like I see a LOT of Vex when these kids should be learning how to machine their own parts… Still can’t deny the? coolness though.

  2. haha we all wish …
    haha we all wish for this. But this? is only a local? high school event and safety is a primary concern! couldnt have pressurized tanks exploding, bullets flying, and saw blades ejecting into the crowd! were only 15-18 yrs old. Check my other linked video in description or look on my channel to see the black mamba fight, which has sparks and stuff

  3. Black Mamba should …
    Black Mamba should have won. They were the coolest robot? at the competition. Wish I could have seen the robot in the final match instead.

  4. Should have had a …
    Should have had a final vs my robot but rumble should? have been between the finals

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