How should I start robotics?

I want to start studying robotics, and hopefully in the future I will be able to go to MIT as a robotic engineer.

How do you suggest I start?

Also, I want to learn things applicable to the FRC, Battlebots IQ (Also known as BotsIQ), and other competitions.

(Please don’t tell me to start with the Lego Mindstorms set. I’ve already used it for over a year and wish to advance to the point where I can make a functional robot from scratch)

Check out "So you Want to Build a Robot"

I would also suggest joining a robotics club

You will also find on line discussion groups at yahoo and other places.

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3 thoughts on “How should I start robotics?

  1. Engineers usually start with a text book. The advantage is that you can make use of centuries of science and engineering knowledge and don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You also would not have to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s all there, ready for your use.

    Just a suggestion. You can do it the "manly" way, of course, and waste endless hours and all your money on repeating all the mistakes that people have made before you. And then some.

    Chose wisely.

    Good luck!


    PS: Real engineers NEVER start from scratch. They BUY the components that meet their specifications. You might not be able to afford those, though. So you will have to be resourceful and build out of cheap stuff whatever you can.
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  2. you know how a transistor works?
    its full of physics..and quantum physics..
    without a single think of making logic gates..
    robotics needs deep knowledge of mechanical..electrical and electrnnics…the servo motors and stepper motors need to hav specifications..and finally programming of chips which contain millions of transistors…learning assembly language is one step.

    BUT finally you want to design a robot and its circuit..rather than just watchin it work which is made by you under the details provided from internet of other sources..
    so please start from DIODE…learn how a chip takes 4 yrs of electrnics engg to learn about the technology which was made in 80’s or even earlier..there are so many passages for you to go cant just make a robot..and even if you make wont b able to troubleshoot…cos you never designed wer just a mere labourer
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