[Battlebots 2.0] Deadblow vs Bad Attitude [Full Version HQ]

Never before seen on Youtube! Deadblow and Bad Attitude square off in the Battlebots Season 2 Middleweight Quarter-Finals.

Duration : 0:7:10

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23 thoughts on “[Battlebots 2.0] Deadblow vs Bad Attitude [Full Version HQ]

  1. It’s possible he’s …
    It’s possible he’s refering to 9 year old Gus Steyer but he wasn’t driving during this fight. If the fight had? gone the distance, I’d say it would’ve been 39-6 in favor of Bad Attitude.

  2. The Pulverizor can …
    The Pulverizor can deal damage but that’s not where Deadblow got stuck. Deadblow got stuck near the Pulverizor at two sections of the Spike Strip and it’s partially Grant’s fault as all the while Bad Attitude was keeping Deadblow near there, Deadblow was firing its weapon. If? he hadn’t the fight probably would’ve gone the distance. Bad Attitude still likely would’ve won the fight though.

  3. Yeah… So Grant …
    Yeah… So Grant lost because his robot got stuck on a hammer mechanism that has nothing to do there since it’s empty (3:52) and does ZERO damage (5:09)? What a joke! Grant was obviously much more agressive and accurate with his attacks during the whole fight.? That young kid did all.

  4. No, thumbs down …
    No, thumbs down because most of us here more than likely? knew them when thier show came out FROM battlebots.

  5. Bill Nye the …
    Bill Nye the science guy!? FTW!
    If you have to ask me who that is you didn’t have a childhood.

  6. the fail? is some …
    the fail? is some active weapon able to make damage are sometime symbolic as these set at rear side of some;
    im not agreing these rule that disqualify lot of bot making good show and qualify some other slow armored pusher with a symbolic mobile spike who always make juge decision ;
    i sugest to disqualify both oponements if no loosers at end of a free rule match (else safety rules)

  7. Absolutely, this is …
    Absolutely, this is exactly why Robot Wars UK introduced the rule that all robots must have an active weapon. The only problem was that it meant axlebots couldn’t compete? anymore.

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