[BattleBots 2.0] Blade Runner vs The Master

Ilya Polyakov’s thwackbot Blade Runner goes up against Robot Wars 1994 champion The Master in the BattleBots 2.0 middleweight quarterfinals. Come on guys, make the right choice and watch this version rather than that crappy version with 300000 views. Also, post what fight from Season 2.0 I have yet to upload you want to see next in the comments.

Duration : 0:6:35

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24 thoughts on “[BattleBots 2.0] Blade Runner vs The Master

  1. Since when were …
    Since when were there fights on the Battlebots website? I haven’t seen clips of a fight in years on the site, since I don’t think there are videos on the site as it is now.?

  2. War Machine vs. …
    War Machine vs. DooAll has? already been posted by me.
    For War Machine vs. One Tin Soldier and Afterthought vs. Das Bot I’ll have to check the BattleBot’s website. Hazard vs. Turtle Road Kill has been posted by Battlebotvideos. Backlash vs. Skid Mark never aired on TV.

  3. Do you have any of …
    Do you have any of the following fights?:

    Backlash vs. Disposable Hero
    War Machine vs. One Tin Soldier
    War Machine vs. Doall
    Hazard vs. Turtle? Road Kill
    Agitator vs. Silverback
    Afterthought vs. Das Bot
    Backlash vs. Skid Mark

  4. I now have that …
    I now have that fight uploaded, this? is LoticaStudios on another account. Check it out on this account!

  5. Sadly no, I only …
    Sadly no, I only have season five tapes. I used to have season three and four, but somehow they? went missing.

  6. Wait you do? Tell …
    Wait you do? Tell me, do you have Diesector’s S4 fights? Maximus vs. Pharmapac, Wrath? Jr. vs. Complete Control and/or Vladiator vs. Pro-AM?

  7. You know what, I …
    You know what, I actually have that fight. I’ll upload it soon on another channel, I’ll let you know when that? happens. 🙂

  8. I still can’t get …
    I still can’t get over the fact that they got bill nye? to be apart of this

  9. Isn’t? that just …
    Isn’t? that just stinger minus most of the armor?
    It’s almost as if it’s naked/anorectic.

  10. The master was RW …
    The master was RW 1995 HW champion,? third place 1994 if I’m not mistaken.

  11. I want to see? …
    I want to see? Voltronic vs Frostbite for season 2. it’s not even on youtube.

  12. Crap, what I meant? …
    Crap, what I meant? was from Season 2.0, as that’s all I have. I’ve updated the description.

  13. The fight I want to …
    The fight I want to see next is the season 5 HW final between Biohazard and Voltronic, but that happening? is doubtful.

    Thank you for uploading this in good quality AND without crappy background music. This is great! 😉

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