[Battlebots 2.0] Ziggo vs Beta Raptor [Full Version HQ]

I really don’t know how Beta Raptor ended up so far in the competition but he finally meets his demise against Ziggo. A foam-ducttape shield won’t hold off many impacts, but surprisingly manages to help the Raptor survive for a while. This was the BattleBots Season 2.0 Lightweight Semi Final, alongside Toe Crusher vs Backlash.

Duration : 0:5:28

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10 thoughts on “[Battlebots 2.0] Ziggo vs Beta Raptor [Full Version HQ]

  1. No, there were no …
    No, there were no videos, but? you can look it up on the BattleBots wiki.

  2. He made a robot …
    He made a robot called ZiggZagg for the middleweight? category which was a rammer intended to trap other robots.

  3. Amen. I have often …
    Amen. I have often wondered why the maker didn’t see if he could get himself admitted into the medium weight category, he’d probably dominate there too, if not better than he? was in lightweight just thanks to his speed.

  4. man this ziggo is …
    man this ziggo is such an overpowered design and i find it? hard to believe he is “lightweight”

  5. According to Jim …
    According to Jim Smentowski’s site, Beta Raptor’s other wins were:
    Grunion by KO
    Hammerhead by KO
    Crusher by 30 to? 15 Judges Decision

  6. Actually, I believe …
    Actually, I believe that’s the logo for the Comedy Network, which was a channel? in Canada.

  7. i still find it …
    i still find it funny they got the science guy to do interviews and technical? talk.

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