Spinook Antweight Battlebot Finished Assembly/Weapon Hit test

Skip to 2:30 if you don’t want to watch me put the bot together.

My Antweight is finally complete! In its current configuration, it weighs in at 448.4g.
The acrylic has been replaced with polycarbonate, the 50:1 wheel motors have been replaced with 30:1’s, and the o-rings remain the same.

This video just shows a relatively slow assembly required to prepare my bot for battle, then I do a short demonstration of its current destructive potential by attacking a large stick until the battery dies. (I don’t know how charged it was when I took the video, but I assume it was around 350mah/500)

It has some stability issues, mostly due to two things: one of the wheels wasn’t drilled close enough to center, and 2: the shell is imbalanced by about 2g.

To do list: Balance the shell, get it hardened, and get pointy teeth, and harden those.
Oh, and find a competition to battle it.

Duration : 0:7:44

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  1. Actually, he was …
    Actually, he was calling it the “Dead” machine. I was trying? to call it the death machine.

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