Battlebot Presents: Battlefield BF3 Eclipse the Assault Love Story

Pretty much everyone has seen the BF4 trailer by now. And this is pretty much my take on it. I could only lol at how they tried to dramatize the scene with the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. In that second all my recording priorities changed and this flashed in my head… So i decided to do a Battlefield 3 cinematic spoof on it. So i got it as close as my vision would take me! But this may be an acquired taste for some lol.

What the story is… Two friends decide to go on a search and destroy mission but they stupidly did not stick together. An enemy corners the one guy and inevitably kills him. The Assault (medic) comes running to rescue his buddy, shooting whoever gets in his way, just trying to make that rambo revive. Until… he finds out it was all in vain.

Specifics: This was filmed on PS3 in an unranked Capture the Flag (ctf) server on Operation Riverside from the End Game DLC. I apologize for the quality! I’m still an editing noob and i did the best i could without it driving me mad haha!

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Duration : 0:1:59

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3 thoughts on “Battlebot Presents: Battlefield BF3 Eclipse the Assault Love Story

  1. That is how it …
    That is how it usually goes. But I usually end up blowing myself up with c4 trying to take out a tank. Lucian tries to revive me? but ends up getting blown up by said tank.

  2. had to? re-upload! …
    had to? re-upload! didnt like how youtube cut off the end lol

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