Battlebots Animation

An animation of a battlebot from Olathe Northwest High School. This is Spatha, a flipper bot. It was created in SolidWorks, a CAD program, using accurate 3D modeling.

Duration : 0:1:47

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7 thoughts on “Battlebots Animation

  1. We got the weapon …
    We got the weapon cut by a water-jet so it was actually made strait from the 2d drawing. After four matches at competition, our battlebot came out of it without a scratch.

  2. It looks well …
    It looks well thought out. I see someone mentioned it before but I will add: I think you would be struggling with gas with a tank that small. If you use CO2 you will get some more flips, but you will need a buffer tank to fully utilize its flipping potential in either case.

    I like the design, I hope to see it in real life some day.

  3. nice job now have …
    nice job now have you build it yet,if you did build it you should post it on youtube for people to see the end result.

  4. WOW! very nice! i …
    WOW! very nice! i am using a free program…it looks nothing like this

    good job! 5*’s man

  5. Its a nice …
    Its a nice animation and good cad.
    Cant see any visable batterys.
    Also you probably would want a bigger gas tank and also a buffer tank.

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