Gmod – Destruct-o-Disk Battlebot Testing

Inspired after “Hypnodisk” battlebot from Robot Wars, very simple design, has some serious destructive power, can throw cars around like toys. It is only prototype, that’s why it’s so simple design, might throw in some nice looks and colors and self-right mechanism.

This battlebot was built entirely by me, without using any plans or prebuilds.

Duration : 0:10:39

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3 thoughts on “Gmod – Destruct-o-Disk Battlebot Testing

  1. yer i watched it, …
    yer i watched it, looks amazing? but more suited for killing npc’s i would say. but still looks awesome.

  2. umm not? really, i …
    umm not? really, i just mess around in single player, i like building things for fun, like the battlebots. google should help, im sure there’s tons about gmod server hosting.

    well this is prototype spinner tho, might make a better one, but check out my “The Sith” battlebot, with lightsabers and all 🙂

  3. do you know how to …
    do you know how to make servers? cos? i have wanted to make a server using the underground battle bot arena for a wile but i can’t… any ideas?

    i built a full-bodied-spinner that could trash your flipper bot >:)

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