Towering Inferno vs. FrenZy: BattleBots Season 3.0. May 2001, RAW FOOTAGE!

RAW UNEDITED FOOTAGE–NEVER AIRED OR RELEASED! Towering Inferno (by Jason Dante Bardis) vs. FrenZy, in the 210lb heavyweight division of BattleBots Season 3.0.
The Best of the Infernolab Disc 4 Video 13.
(c) BattleBots & Comedy Central

Duration : 0:3:37

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25 thoughts on “Towering Inferno vs. FrenZy: BattleBots Season 3.0. May 2001, RAW FOOTAGE!

  1. @infernolab wow …
    @infernolab wow that’s nice! i wanna try to build something 😛 not
    for fight (idk) just get fun, if i have something builded in the next’s
    3..4…month’s , i show u a photo 😀

  2. If that redhead was …
    If that redhead was rubbing on me i’d drop that controller and give her a

  3. Please don’t subdue …
    Please don’t subdue the commentators activity/ability, I love them,
    Towering Inferno is the better bot in my opinion as it’s movability is
    awesome for it’s odd design, it has the size/strength to compete well, but
    the plastic is a leading target along with what I see often on bots with
    hammers, the arms are too long or placed wrong, TI could’ve been a kickass
    bot given a chance, seems if it’s not Vlad or SOW, there’s little
    recognition\accolade, those kinds of bots blow hard, if you get my gist

  4. @infernolab 😀 nice …
    @infernolab 😀 nice, i have some remote vehicles(cars) can u tell where i
    can found that control radio into a remote vehicle? send me some photo from
    google or something… thanks! (sorry for my bad english, i from Spain)

  5. Hey Infernolab I …
    Hey Infernolab I remember your butts getting handed to ya against Mechavore

  6. @BellyLover06: …
    @BellyLover06: Unfortunately, one of my sponsors at the time didn’t know
    the difference between acrylic & polycarbonate & made Towering Inferno’s
    structural body panels out of brittle acryclic instead of tough
    polycarbonate. FrenZy got a few good wacks in that shattered Towering
    Inferno’s body panels, which skewed his structure & derailed his chains,
    leaving him dead in the water. 🙁

  7. I’m not sure that …
    I’m not sure that anybody will be entering Robogeddon at this point…

  8. @infernolab That …
    @infernolab That sucks, especially since two-wheeled bots like yours are
    harder to drive.

  9. @mierdaalamarI …
    @mierdaalamarI believe that the voltage allowed is unlimited in a robot, as
    long as it’s safe. Look up the RFL (Robot Fighting League) forum on Delphi
    to read the official rules for current events. Also check out the
    RobotMarketplace website to buy equipment.

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