Ziggy’s Best-of … so far April 2007 – Battlebots Fight

Highlights from ziggy matches to date

These are the big boys – 340 lb weight class. Of a 340 pound fighting weight Ziggy is comprised of 120 lbs of Titanium and delivers 7000+ lbs of explosive thrust through the Titanium 4lipping arm

June 2007

Duration : 0:4:24

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25 thoughts on “Ziggy’s Best-of … so far April 2007 – Battlebots Fight

  1. I wonder wat would …
    I wonder wat would happen he was on battlebots and we put ziggy, toro, the matador, t-minus, and biohazard all in the box. that be cool!!!

  2. Chaos 2 of robot …
    Chaos 2 of robot wars doesn’t have ANYTHING on this. If you’re the builder, congratulations.

  3. Am I? Just watch …
    Am I? Just watch the freakin’ videos and stop looking for an excuse to be offended.

  4. what i’m a kid,kids …
    what i’m a kid,kids are not dumbwere you a dumb as a kid? don’t have to be mean.

  5. wow ziggys arm is …
    wow ziggys arm is like the one off biohazard… but instead of using actuators they’ve gone and put pneumatics… boy whoever built it did a good job of making sure anything and everthing gets airborne.

  6. True, but many …
    True, but many people don’t realize that they are two different mechanisms. A lifter uses hydraulics or pneumatics to lift an opponent out of their comfort zone and gain control of them in one way or another. A flipper uses compressed energy, air or gas, to release an explosive, single motion to destabilize an opponent. Example of lifter: Biohazard or or Panic Attack. Example of Flipper: Ziggy or Toro.

  7. Not to be offensive …
    Not to be offensive or anything, but I seem to notice that loads of American robot builders seem to refer to flippers as “lifters”, even if they’re capable of throwing opponents end-over-end out of the arena. Weird, don’t you think?

  8. There’s something I …
    There’s something I can’t quite help pointing out: The guy at 0:55 claims he likes Ziggy because of the lifting arm. I wouldn’t exactly call it a lifting arm as such, it can toss Heavyweight robots around like mere toys =D

  9. The one with red …
    The one with red tires was Sewer Snake.

    To be fair I should note… I edited in the best *Ziggy* clips. Sewer snake had control of ziggy many times our matches together… but I didn’t see a good reason to include these in the “Best of ziggy” footage. Sewer Snake is a very robust and impressive machine with an excellent driver.

  10. I was amazed when …
    I was amazed when ziggy took down even vladiator

    The most lovable part was the bullying of matador 😀 (the one with red tires was M right ?)

  11. Ziggy’s design is …
    Ziggy’s design is perfect, and he has one of the most powerful flippers in robotic combat. Next to Toro, of course.

  12. well would you …
    well would you rather have the beautiful bot that will get trashed or the beautiful prize money that will get spent

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