Battlebots IQ Southwestern PA 2007 Competion – GroundHawg

This is a 5 minute compilation of EWCTC’s battlebot competing in the Southwestern PA Battlebots IQ 2007 competition. Our bot placed 2nd overall and was awarded the “Best Engineered” robot.

Duration : 0:4:56

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10 thoughts on “Battlebots IQ Southwestern PA 2007 Competion – GroundHawg

  1. the wieght class …
    the wieght class wee compete at is 15 lb or less. We were just a few onces under 15 pounds.

  2. battle bots are …
    battle bots are usually preatty big ide say they would come up to about ur knee the avrage size ones,but the taller ones like nightmare and chinkilla would probobly be a bit taller

  3. Still makes me …
    Still makes me cringe seeing our flipper get tore up like that. Great job Groundhawg crew, and props for a good design. Ditto for the Shockwave gang. Also, good job @ Nat’s, congratulations. I’d hope to see you guys next year, but sadly I was forced to graduate. Congradulations again to both teams, and good luck next year.

    John Watson (Mars Team)

  4. Thanks Alex. …
    Thanks Alex. Shockwave was very impressive. I’m uploading a short video of the action at Miami today so watch for it here soon.

  5. We have two very …
    We have two very even robots (for now), too bad we didn’t get to fight at Nats. Can’t wait for ’08 regionals.

    —Alex Udanis (Shockwave’s Driver)

  6. Well… we just got …
    Well… we just got back from the national competition in Miami, FL. and we did quite well… 4th place out of 62 competitors. I’m in the process of editing the massive amount of raw video footage, but I’ll do my best to upload it as soon as I can.

    Post some comments!

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