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Nathan Mindstorm Line Follower – Single Sensor

This was a project with my 6 year old to build a fast line follower program using Mindstorn NXT Ver 2.0. We utilized a PID loop with a auto-tuning setpoint. The device is very sensitive to tuning. We also realize the difference between the Oak table and black tape is not optimal for program. In the end, we had fun. …

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This Is Genius: Sex toy convention, hot robot, volcano

The week's weirdest videos, including the French Erotic Fair, the Japanese supermodel robot, the real-life dinosaurs and the underwater volcano. Follow us on twitter at …

Duration : 0:3:28

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138200 Hitec MA-VIN robot kit in action

MA-VIN by HiTEC, the ultimate modular robotics teaching resource for education and hobby. The robot is simple modular and easy to construct (approx. 10min, no soldering work necessary). With the visual programming environment, you can program the robot in shortest time and transfer these program over a USB cable. When desired, the graphic program can be converted into the programming language C. Suitable for both beginner and programmers well-versed in C. The programs can be applied to other …

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Robot on Rush

"Robot/ A catenary project" An RC robotics project, with wireless live vocal and recorded audio mixing. The robot is operated with a control book(not shown). Also featuring the supercomputer in the background also hooked up with audio tracks. At Leadbased gallery in NYC. The robot; libertarian minimalist, in his studio working on some projects… inspired by the progressive rock. …

Duration : 0:3:55

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Robotics and Electronics Tutorial – 8 – Resistor Color Bands

Part 9 – How to use the colored bands on your resistor to calculate their value. …

Duration : 0:5:50

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