Robot Pops, Delivers Corn: order sent via Twitter

On the way home recently, I used an iPod Touch and Twitter to send a command to my robot to pop corn and ready the DVD for movie time. Here’s a reenactment. Oh, if you want to follow this robot on Twitter, he is For a bit more information regarding this video please visit

Duration : 0:1:13

8 thoughts on “Robot Pops, Delivers Corn: order sent via Twitter

  1. Mrs. RoBe:Do here – …
    Mrs. RoBe:Do here –I think I purchased that TV in 1989… and have lived without TV reception practically ever since! We do watch movies on DVD*, but otherwise this was the TV’s most useful moment. 🙂

    *That’s a mid-80s stereo receiver, not a VCR as suggested elsewhere online. LOL! (I am a confessed half-Luddite: half of me ignores technology while the other half tweets away and helps build robots. ;))

  2. Awesome. Just …
    Awesome. Just awesome.

    I just saw that you gave the link to the robot’s Twitter account over in the video descrip. I’m not on Twitter, but it seems like fun to follow a robot.

    I also meant to say what a cool video this is. I like the Charlie Chaplin music.

  3. Well, programming …
    Well, programming with Twitter is easy.

    And because my robot has his own Twitter account and his own WiFi laptop he simply periodically checks for messages from me.

    When a command comes in Coppa robot processes it and then sends me a message when he finishes the request.

  4. I get the iPod to …
    I get the iPod to Twitter part, but how does your robot get that command?

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