Robots, Androids, Machines: Best Short Films # 7

Bobby brings you the best robot-themed short films in the world. Including: ROBOT ! by Rob Schrab: Tommy The Tungsten Robot by Eddie Green: Robot Safety Awareness: The Insult that Made a Man out of 01 Directed by Chad Williams Written by Darrin DeMarco, Brett Vanderbrook, Chad Williams: Robert the Robot Directed by Brandon McCormick Written by Brandon McCormick & Billy Wilkerson: http://www …

Duration : 0:5:2

[youtube wOmOsSvtue8]

25 thoughts on “Robots, Androids, Machines: Best Short Films # 7

  1. your hard drive is …
    your hard drive is so slow that a floppy has 3x the memory
    oh snap

  2. Dude stop with the …
    Dude stop with the best short film and get out there and do something awesome! yall need to do so thing new and make new things and cool stuff and what ur are doing is boring. short films? no make some more stuff

  3. Im so sorry
    DONT …

    Im so sorry
    One Day, Sally was babysitting, when the old man from next door came and took the kids away. Sally was put to the chair 3 weeks later.
    Post this in 10 vids and you will live
    IF NOT HOWEVER, Sally will come bedside and kill YOU on the NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY. Also dont look in the mirror… She is watching

  4. sup man.
    hows the …

    sup man.
    hows the sex change going ?
    heard your breasts are realistic.

  5. robot mylar …
    robot mylar deserves a spin off..

    i love the tune that plays during the “submit your own theme song remix” segment

  6. I watched Robot …
    I watched Robot , that is some seriously funny , but it also has some good action.

    But what do you expect from the man that brought Scud the Disposable assin to us?

  7. hey indy mogul, can …
    hey indy mogul, can you show me how to make an iron man suit?

  8. classic show this …
    classic show this time around…but so far the zombie was the best…(probley cause i love zombies though)

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