Mobile Robot exhibiting “Avoid” behavior

“Avoid” behavior (via Subsumption) technical capability demo for my 1998 Masters thesis.

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Subsumption is an artificial intelligence control architecture concept credited to Rodney Brooks and the Mobile Robot Group at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It is a control architecture where sensor data is used to initiate robot behaviors. This control architecture provides an alternative to the traditional modeling/planning paradigm. In effect, rather than having the robot follow a predetermined path after processing sensor information, the robot is programmed to react to its environment by exhibiting a series of behaviors. All behaviors of the robot run in parallel to enable quick response times, but the behavior that takes control of the robot is determined by an hierarchical classification. This makes the robots actions resemble reflexes.

Behavioral robotics is used in many current commercial robotic systems today!

Duration : 0:0:52

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