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How do I disable T-Mobile’s voicemail instructions for when other people call?

You know – when you call someone’s cell phone and spend a full minute waiting for the robot lady to finish telling you to ‘leave a message after the tone, or press 1 for more options. . .’

This is seriously a pain in the rear. Think of this, if they let you disable this, you wouldn’t be using minutes. Get it! It’s all about using your minutes.

Something to try would be Pinger. There are no prompts, no voicemail introduction. Just a message being left for you to pick up. Personally, I don’t leave voicemail anymore. I leave Pingers.

Is it possible for any military to build a mobile suit like the ones seen in the Gundam Episodes?

Like if they put a lot of money into developing a piloted robot fighting machines…kinda of a random question but do you think the military have given it much thought :P?

Interestingly enough, last year when Iron Man came out, the cover story on Popular Mechanics was on the Army’s new exoskeleton. At the same time, Fusionman made history by being the first to fly across the English Channel on his wearable jet-wing. So truth is catching up to fiction all the time. (I don’t think we will see anything as big as Gundams or Evangelions soon, because they make such good targets.)

The biggest limit to the Army’s exoskeleton is that it can’t carry its own power source. It can plug into a Humvee that has a generator on board.

I think that Fusionman might still have a video of him flying on youtube, check it out. He’s also in wiki. Air forces all over the world have offered him contracts, but he want to make it a civilian product. But they are salivating and probably several nations already have some models in development. I wouldn’t be surprised.