Honda Develops Brain-Machine Interface Technology

Honda, ATR and Shimadzu Jointly Develop Brain-Machine Interface Technology Enabling Control of a Robot by Human Thought Alone

Duration : 0:3:33

[youtube q-fE9QBy0FI]

25 thoughts on “Honda Develops Brain-Machine Interface Technology

  1. Speaking and …
    Speaking and criticizing a LARGE group of individuals as if they are 1 person is dumb/wrong/immature/lack of a word.

    kinda like seeing the forest through the trees, except backward. and Not being judgmental of a group of people you are not really connected iwth.

  2. Saying that the …
    Saying that the Japanese are not smart is offensive, “no offense” is an erroneous statement. You’ve already offended.
    You could say that their efforts are in the wrong place. But that is still a pretentious statement.

    True Japan is very xenophobic. But so are a lot of other countries, including the US.

    And it is not dumb to employ local workers. keeping businesses local( or reletively so) strengthens economy. actually, it is very smart and outsourcing didn’t exactly help the US.

  3. dumb idea, because …
    dumb idea, because how’s the technology going to differentiate between a thought that you actually want to happen from ones that you do not? I mean, i can think i’m cold but actually do not want the heater to go up 🙂

  4. ummm

    the Japanese …

    the Japanese aren’t smart with that.. no offence..

    Their level of xenophobia is frighteningly high. By far one of the most racist countries in the world. They don’t want foreign blood to imilate and take away from japan’s ethnicity.

    So they build robots instead lol. Wouldn’t it be resource and cost effective to uhm, employ foreign workers?

    it’s kind of hilarious and pathetic that they want to go through with the robots instead of hiring foreign man power LOL.

  5. now more people …
    now more people will be fat es. I think there for i am…. FAT. Now all we need it to think we will be physically fit and we will.

  6. Actually tbh until …
    Actually tbh until she said robbit I ididn’t even notice her accent, so yeah fair call.
    Arigato desu!

  7. By uming the …
    By uming the trailer is from JP, since it is Honda, and the way she pronounces Asimo, I guess she’s japanese. And if I’m right, that’s pretty good pronunciation…and yeah, I’d like to hear your perfect japanese, pal 😉

  8. lol toraz819…this …
    lol toraz819…this is not a joke

    check the date added smartass!

    31 March 2009 !!!!

  9. the population of …
    the population of japan is becoming old… but if they are silly to imported young foreign labours , japan will no more japan. if the didn’t wish to import young labours, japan will become poor for lack of manpower. but …japanese are smart ,with this technology ,even a old lady can do the strong man’s work but controling a robot.,hehe …Cry!! this is granny power!! old ppl will back to the working. japan will be saved.

  10. Wow. Can it look …
    Wow. Can it look at the sunset and feel a sense of deep peace?

    Just because they don’t like imported labour in Japan.

    Gotta keep those bloodlines pure.

    Mengeler much?

  11. 1:05- To control a …
    1:05- To control a what!? wtf.
    A robbit?
    lol and again at 2:02

  12. Saw this machine …
    Saw this machine fall down during a demo for a tv show broadcast on BBC.
    doesn’t really work that well…this demo was probably setup.

  13. U guyzzz calm down …
    U guyzzz calm down its april fools day tmro so it make sense if u see this

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