25 thoughts on “3 Servo Walking, Fighting Robot Kit Designed

  1. This robot should …
    This robot should be representing Japan in eurovision! Japan is the island above france… right?

  2. With that music, I …
    With that music, I expected that your robot was fighting Godzilla or Ultraman

    Neat motion to the thing given it only has 3 servos! Too many engineers try to solve the tough problems by throwing in more motors and processors.

  3. When you develop a …
    When you develop a robot with ONE servo…contact me, i need to replace 120 workers at my factory.

  4. A realy good …
    A realy good dynamic walking robot !!!

    Did you use sensors ???

    How did you program the robot whit “tray and horror ”
    ore a simulation program. To learn the robot how to walk


    Paul Mooij
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam

  5. that’s the ugliest …
    that’s the ugliest a have ever seen!!! and song make the hole thing look so ing dumb….
    a master piece tnx

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