Japanese Dancing Toy

While robots capable of kinda sorta dancing along with music are hardly anything new, few can match the moves this recently developed “Keepon” robot is capable of busting out — without arms or legs, no less. Developed by Carnegie Mellon’s Marek Michalowski and Hideki Kozima of Japan’s National Institute of Communications Technology, the little yellow bot uses a gimbal-based system to move through about as full a range of motions as two spheres are capable of, and is able to react to visual …

Duration : 0:3:38

[youtube lOJbFtN6yx8]

25 thoughts on “Japanese Dancing Toy

  1. i wanna go to Japan …
    i wanna go to Japan just to buy cool toys!!!
    they are like the inventors of the coolest gadgets!!

  2. wow… it’s …
    wow… it’s adorable and addicting to watch. freaky. next thing you know, it’s going to be brain washing all of us and kill us all. just like in the Gremlins.

    ah… sorry. my imagination just went on the weird side for a moment :]

  3. they have one of …
    they have one of theese at the science center near were i live. its way cool.

  4. damn, why wont they …
    , why wont they put it for sale T_T
    ive always wanted one of those daft dancing flowers too XD its my life goal to get one!

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