The Rookies: Sam, Age 7

Sam is only 7 years old. Hes new to the art of Windows Live Photo Gallery photo stitching — a rookie. Yet he put together several photos of

Duration : 0:0:31

25 thoughts on “The Rookies: Sam, Age 7

  1. At least Microsoft …
    At least Microsoft isn’t smashing mac, that is why they are more successful.

    And that is also why they will Stay the most successful.

    It’s not the only reason though ofc, there platform is much much more affordable.

  2. 1957
    But only the …

    But only the miltary and scientist used it and it wasn’t used for commecial use until
    1990 and didn’t become popular until 1995-1996 because of the Mosaic webbrowser.

  3. incorrect… you …
    incorrect… you mean 1990 / the “world wide web” which was started on NeXTSTEP (now called OSX)

    the internet started in the 1950’s.

  4. are you insane?

    are you insane?

    the mac mini is at least 4 times faster than your netbook… why even challenge me?

    your machine:

    Intel Atom 1.6 GHz Processor
    512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz Bus speed, Intel GMA 950, 802.11g

    a mac mini

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz Processor
    3MB on-chip shared L2 cache, 1066 MHz Bus speed, 9400M Nivida, 802.11n

    see, it’s not even close, you fail by at least 4 times

  5. you fail, I …
    you fail, I challenge a mac mini to even beat my 10″ MSI netbook!

  6. didn’t he forget to …
    didn’t he forget to install the drivers befor he plugged in his camera? xD

  7. macindrew is …
    macindrew is another fail applefag who can’t even get his facts right.

  8. “IAM PC AND IAM …
    Ok i admit i use PC Of course, Windows it’s necessary but for me only for terminal servers and HardCore Gaming, For me a Mac has a very good design and powerful MacBook Pros to make a very good work on sound even Games. i had a 2years old Black book and it looks and runs excelent Windows Vista and MAC OS 10.5 with 2.0 Core2Duo and 2GB RAM DDR2 and my next PC would be a Macbook Pro.

  9. On the Mini vs. …
    On the Mini vs. everything else debate

    Just because a PC with a 2.8 is more, the mini can still be quicker, its about how well it uses it, and the mini uses OSX, which makes stuff run quicker and easier, and is fine tuned only to the processors macs have implemented in the past, while the pc would be running vista? or XP, and thus slowed down to a crawl by everything 🙂

  10. It says you can do …
    It says you can do a photo sketch in an instant, but at 0:17, time is obviously speed up around 10X.

  11. yes, don’t you …
    yes, don’t you remember AppleLink? Apple is always about 9 years ahead of the rest of the industry, this is just another example.

    wikipedia. org /wiki/AppleLink

    the drives work great, having 50TB of storage is sweet!

    snipurl. com /fs9bo

  12. 20 years huh? so in …
    20 years huh? so in 1989 they had online storage? yeah sure
    how are those 63 hardrives going?

  13. what? macs have let …
    what? macs have let you store stuff online for over 20 years… so what is your point?

    even with a fast 12Mbps connection, online storage is slow. firewire is far faster, some 65 times faster than a very fast broadband connection.

    quit being a dork…

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