Choosing the perfect Robot Toy

Latest generation of robots are child friendly, but still highly sophisticated.

In the past, robots where very simple toys, that had the ability to spark our imagination. They did not had much intelligence, but we loved them because they where part of the bigger dream of human kind. Most of them where just metal humanoids, that strolled forward while making noises, and sending light beams. Whatever they did, was not important, they where there to take us to the starts.

Old Vintage robotRobot Toy

Today robots are making a come back, and the new generation have taken many forms, from house appliances to dogs, and dinosaurs. They can move, walk, talk, and respond to external inputs, even recognise our voice and understand simple commands.


Choosing a robot toy that goes with the age of the child (and we all have a child inside), is not an easy task. Even if most robots are advertised as suitable for small kids, to exploit all that functionality, will require some time to learn how to program and command the robot. In many cases the task is very similar to training a real dog; it will require repetition, practice, and patience. But the rewards are also there, having your robot dog obeying your command will bring the admirations of anyone..

Choosing the best Robot Toy

While is difficult to know your exact idea of the perfect toy, here you can have some ideas on how to make your selection:

Age of the owner: My son got a Robosapien when he was 8 years old. And even is he was happy with it, most of what he was interested was to play it in demo more. Fortunately this robot is very solid, and has survived almost 2 years, without a mayor scratch. It has also learned to do more tricks during this period. It is important to notice that recent physiological studies shows that smaller kids will take a robot for a living animal, and in some cases they may be scared of that ‘cute’ dinosaur, in the same way a dog may scare them.

Complexity of the controls: Most of them come with a remote control that is the interface to program the robot. As the number of key is limited, sequences of keys are used to access certain functions. This makes the process a little bit more complex, and time consuming. One thing to do is to get a copy of the user manual from the vendor’s site before purchasing your unit. That will give you’re a clear idea on what to except in terms of capabilities and easy of use.
Type of Batteries: Robots in general require a faire amount of energy to operate. Some models come with rechargeable packs, including the recharging unit. Rechargeable batteries are better than normal batteries, but their life is also limited. Make sure that it is possible to get a replacement of the batteries, at a reasonable cost.
Existing Enthusiastic Community: Part of the fun of playing with robots, is finding and joining a user community specific for your chosen robot. A vibrant community is a good sign because it means that the product is good, and that you can learn, and exchange ideas with other fans.

These are just some guidelines for selecting a robot toy that will bring hours of entertainment and fun. Have Fun and enjoy your search.

It is not the destination that count, is the journey.
Juan Pablo.

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