Robot Arm Bowling Competition

This is a robot arm bowling competition using DENSO 6DOF robot arms. The video was filmed for the CMU Manipulation class that was taught by Matt Mason (director of the CMU Robotics Institute) himself!

Each team programs an arm to do two tasks:
– Try to place all three of its pegs in the opponents’ goal
– Block opponent pegs from going in your own goal

If you want to learn more about robot arm theory, check out:

Duration : 0:3:54

[youtube lyDA7LcSvZc]

7 thoughts on “Robot Arm Bowling Competition

  1. this is neat. I …
    this is neat. I wish our engineering teachers would do stuff like this once in a while. Actually, I’d settle for just learning something in general… haha

  2. Indeed (the lab is …
    Indeed (the lab is more than 5 years old); there used to be lines drawn in marker across the arm joints so that you knew if they were correctly lining up across calibrations.

  3. hmmmm those arms …
    hmmmm those arms have been there for at least the last 5 years . . . I *think* there was an autocalibrate feature, but I honestly don’t remember, its been too long . . .

  4. Glad to see they …
    Glad to see they finally got some new arms in that lab. Let me guess: you don’t have to hope they magically recalibrate correctly every time you use them?

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