Alfonso’s Gallery (remake with new pictures)

but I stil have alot of the ones from the older version

remember go to to see my pics and if you want to buy prints (or mugs, puzzles etc with my stuff on it) go to

as you all know my video got copyright claimed so I decided to work out an agreement with a rising star KillrBuckeye! (subscribe to him at and also look at his itunes account available on his channel page)

-Alfonso A. Pulido

Duration : 0:4:20

[youtube hKtv9jqSvoM]

8 thoughts on “Alfonso’s Gallery (remake with new pictures)

  1. okay how does this …
    okay how does this “falling small” video have to do with me? (it’s on related videos) can anyone who saw it tell me? I would but it keeps telling me it’s flagged so I can’t

  2. thanks and check …
    thanks and check out chris’s channel too if you likehis song on here (yeah I have legal permission)

  3. thanks and yeah as …
    thanks and yeah as you can see I solved that copyrighted song problem and if you like the song look at my friends account (description)

  4. the one at 0:15 is …
    the one at 0:15 is really cool.
    & all the joker ones… of course!

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