25 thoughts on “ART TOYS Kaws Kid Robot Futura

  1. uh yeah it does
    are …

    uh yeah it does
    are u in this video
    ur not wearing a hoodie

  2. Can someone tell me …
    Can someone tell me the name of the toy that is at 2:23. Itยดs kind of a punk rock looking toy looks tight wish I could get my hands on one of them.

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  5. OBEY is a huge …
    OBEY is a huge sellout. Banksy too IMO, he’s put in alot of work and can piece and , but he’s still a sellout.

    Both started off putting up in the streets, attacking capitalism and , only to succumb to it.

    To base your whole works and philosophy on anti-capitalist , bombing the streets, attacking the art industry etc.. then to sell in galleries to hipsters and art-fags, it’s a joke. The most hypocritical thing in the world man. They’ve become what they were against.

  6. Headquarters is on …
    Headquarters is on Burrard Street in Vancouver. Atleast OBEY has something to sell out. The Ali Adidas jacket is dope. I am a record collector and a pretentious hole…if you know that Lp.

  7. OBEY.
    Shep, more …

    Shep, more commonly. I’ve met him and drank a round with him. He is a y dick, no doubt, but sell out? Not really.
    Ecko is a sell out.
    Shep is just a product of the game.
    Kid Robot is amazing, and if you think otherwise, you need to leave. Because your a clown

  8. Guess we are just …
    Guess we are just gonna have to agree to disagree on shep..i see what you are saying about the clothing line…but i guess my thing i see the clothing line as almost a totally separate entity to shep’s “art” Thinking about it right i now i think that what makes the clothing and all that other Okay to me is that Shep is still out there bombing the streets around the world…

  9. great example …
    great example banksy
    way famous and definitely not a “sell out”
    i draw the line when people few the art as a materialist good and not art
    has any of banksy’s art become available at a department store for moms to buy there little kids back school clothes? i havent seen any
    but has shepard ferry’s? yes definitely
    i think he could care less where his art goes
    but cares more about who is signing the checks
    if you know what i mean

  10. im just curious…. …
    im just curious…. how many of u guys actually know about the art of vinyl? cuz im a collector and it doesnt seem like u guess know alot(not to sound like a dick im jus curious)

  11. he shep is a …
    he shep is a sellout because he made a product that became popular????

    I will never understand that logic. So anyone who is popular is a sell out or no?

    Is Kaws a sell out? Damien Hirst? Banksy?? where do you draw the line with that kinda logic.

  12. well, it might be …
    well, it might be because you can find people who have no idea who he is sporting the product
    his merchandise is just like hollister or american eagle
    the consumers that buy the product are clueless “OH YEAH! OBEY ROCKS!”

    his art is also about quantity not quality

    but hey everyones a critic
    im sure there are some likeable aspects

    but for the most part, he is the biggest sell out on the street art scene

    tell me how he isnt a sell out

  13. me and kidrobot …
    me and kidrobot have our own club come to CIRCA and experience RANDOMLAND

  14. $4000 for a 1000% …
    $4000 for a 1000% Futura Pointman?

    I don’t think so.

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