Twendy One – robot carer unveiled in Japan

Jan 12 – A prototype robot that could help provide care for the elderly has been demonstrated in Japan.

Called ‘Twendy-one’, the robot was developed by Waseda University in Tokyo.

The robot can help people in need of istance by, for example, helping them to get out of bed.

The robot’s advanced manual dexterity means it can also handle kitchen utensils.

In a country where 40 percent of the population is expected to be 65 or over in just a few decades, robots are expected to take on the job of caring for the elderly.

Twendy One took seven years to create, has 241 pressure sensors on each robotic hand and is expected to ready commercially by 2015, for $200,000.

Duration : 0:1:52

[youtube Uoq_r2dUf8g]

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  1. The purpose of …
    The purpose of fright because of the robot is the Christianity.

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    like its gonna suck your leg off. im worried about the roomba my self. i love my toes too much

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    Thanx Tetsuwan3000 for sending this on my request, so nice of you!

    Oooh the design is frightening on this one, anyway I’m scared at all robots, already I don’t trust my hoover 🙂

    Take Care!

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    That food will get cold by the time it gets on the table. He’s too slow.

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