Amazing Robotic Fishes in London –

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Those robotic fishes are funded by London Aquarium and developped by the university of Essex. The aim is to build a robotic fish which can swim like a real fish and navigate by itself. The length of the fish is limited to 1 meter and many kinds of sensor are applied: such as camera and sonar.

Duration : 0:1:20

[youtube 7_zI7wTEwvs]

12 thoughts on “Amazing Robotic Fishes in London –

  1. Holy that song …
    Holy that song is annoying, awesome fish though, doesn’t look like it will be long before it’ll be immposible to visualy tell them apart from real fish.

  2. maybe we should …
    maybe we should build a submachine which looks like a whale

  3. Yea, theres a new …
    Yea, theres a new hotel in Dubai that is underwater so these robot fish could be used to spy on international business men and dignitaries to learn their secrets of trades on how money and tech is acquired! LMAO! Serious, like robot tech, underwater building complexes are becoming reality in boom town places like Dubai where the ultra rich jetset go. Enormous potential in robots; enormous ethical ?’s.

  4. when they will make …
    when they will make more real look-like, it will be perfect spy cam 🙂

  5. could be an… …
    could be an… interesting new way to spy on other countires from a fish tank.

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