Our Robot Future – Rodney Brooks

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Rodney Brooks, former iRobot CTO, describes the limitations of today’s “stiff” factory robots. Looking forward, Brooks envisions a future where people interact with robots in the same way we now work with computers.


Heartland Robotics Chairman and CTO Rodney Brooks asks: What will it take for robots to be added to the toolchest of the makers of American manufacturing, so that they can increase productivity, provide better jobs for American workers, and compete even more strongly in our globalized world?

Following on President Obama’s call to “begin again the work of remaking America,” Maker Faire 2009 was organized around the theme of Re-Make America. Held in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maker Faire celebrates what President Obama called “the risk takers, the doers, and the makers of things.” – Maker Faire 2009

Dr. Rodney Brooks is a robotics entrepreneur and Founder, Chairman and CTO of Heartland Robotics, Inc. He is also a Founder, Board Member and former CTO (1991 – 2008) of iRobot Corp (Nasdaq: IRBT) and the Panasonic Professor of Robotics (on leave) at MIT. Dr. Brooks is the former Director (1997 – 2007) of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and then the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He received degrees in pure mathematics from the Flinders University of South Australia and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1981. He held research positions at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT, and a faculty position at Stanford before joining the faculty of MIT in 1984. He has published many papers and books in computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, and artificial life.

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13 thoughts on “Our Robot Future – Rodney Brooks

  1. or human creativity …
    or human creativity and intellect would atrophy.
    this is not to say work is the sole source of artistic expression for humans, but it is crucial.
    and just as industrialization largely benefitted a minority- as it still does, the robotization of the future economy will similarily increase class inequality.

    the fairly communist proposition that techno-salvation will eliminate alienation is wrong as i see it.

  2. you guys talk ike …
    you guys talk ike that will be a good thing but it will actually be bad… what happens if the job your working at right now… will be replaced with a robot? who will beneft? certainly not your but the capitalists will… youll be the bum on the street asking for change while the captitalists give you1cent…

    only a certain number of people will be kings everyone else will be the poor citizens

  3. i robot anyone? …
    i robot anyone? hehe.. imagine if robots did everything for us while we live like kings.

  4. It’s been happening …
    It’s been happening for years, robots break down and need humans to fix them and robots cannot adapt to unusual situations.

  5. if only robots had …
    if only robots had to work we could all be Artists and Inventors

  6. Hahaha. Skynet is …
    Hahaha. Skynet is cool. Don’t blame the AI, blame the creators. They designed it for war. It was just doing what it was programmed to do(protect itself from being shutdown, by any means necessary).

  7. I think this is …
    I think this is great but I wonder when/if this will lead to outsourcing our jobs to robots.

  8. Great, now we just …
    Great, now we just have to wait for Skynet to go online.

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