My First Mobile Robot

This is my first mobile robot. It’s really the second robot I’ve ever made but the first one wasn’t mobile (just a robotic arm). This was a project I had to design, create, and program, with little or no help, for my robotics class over one week. This was also my first real week in robotics.

All we had to do was create a mobile “battle” robot. If the robot stopped moving for 20 seconds, it was out. We designed our robot to be speedy and cautious, so it stays clear from all the other hostile robots.

It uses ultrasonic sensors to see around. When it saw something about 20 inches away, it would back up, turn, and then go back to doing whatever it was doing. In the back, there was a touch sensor. If something rammed it in the back or if it backed up into something, it would then move out of the way.

Duration : 0:0:28

[youtube K8Vrjc_N008]

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  1. That thing is …
    That thing is AWESOME! I LOVE robots! Post your other ones you’ve made

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