Da Vinci Robot, Helps Surgeons to Operate Prostate Cancers

Every day we learn how robot technology is used to help us with tasks that are far from trivial.

This robot, named after the famous painter “Leonardo Da Vinci” helps surgeons to reduce the risks of complications to 1/3 to the normal rate.

Da Vinci, has nothing that resembles the humanoid type of robot. Here doctors sit in front of screens and help control the arms of the instruments of the robot that operate the patient.

The difference is in speed and precision that the robot can achieve.

The Times
November 10, 2006
I’ve seen the future of prostate surgery and it works robotically
Dr Thomas Stuttaford
Success rates for operations on cancer of the prostate are vastly improved for
surgeons using a robot called da Vinci.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has an exhibition of the drawings, manuscripts and models of Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian artist and inventor, now on show. Da Vinci drew a flying machine more than 400 years before the Wright brothers took to the air. He also studied the anatomy of the human body and his anatomical pictures have never been surpassed, even though he left out the prostate: one organ that is essential for the continuation of the human

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