Transformers 2 Robots (Pictures)

Here are some awesome new high quality CG shots of the robots that are in Transformers 2! Watch in HD and please rate, comment, or if you want to be really awesome, then feel free to subscribe 🙂

Duration : 0:2:0

[youtube KsRzcB2jneY]

17 thoughts on “Transformers 2 Robots (Pictures)

  1. i noes! He is my …
    i noes! He is my sec fav (starscream is 1st) i was really bummed, they didnt have alot of chars in the pics they released 🙁 and i was really looking foward to soundwave


    seriously they can release pictures of The Fallen the character whos name is in the ing title yet not One picture of Soundwave!

  3. hey you forgot long …
    hey you forgot long haul,rampage,arcee,sideways,and bumblebee

  4. Sideswipe looks …
    Sideswipe looks sick, hope doesn’t get killed in the movie.

  5. sorry, don’t reply …
    sorry, don’t reply to duonghanet account, but this. This is my real account, donnguyenmusic. I accidentally used my dad.

  6. the cat thing is …
    the cat thing is Ravage, but if ur talking about the guy with the fire sword, then thats from World Of Warcraft ( i have it after all the videos)

  7. amazin video!

    amazin video!
    cannot wait for this movie.
    IronHide rolls All!

    who’s that at the end?

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