Solar Bug 1 – Solar Powered Robot

I received this little Solar Bug kit from and embled it in about an hour. In direct sunlight it provides a little entertainment and insight to both solar power and robotics.

The the large capacitor stores energy from the solar panel and then releases it one pulse at a time to move the bot. The photo diodes seek out the sunlight on the ground and ‘steer’ the bot away from shadows and dimmer lighting.

It a fun little project and easy to emble.

Duration : 0:0:57





5 responses to “Solar Bug 1 – Solar Powered Robot”

  1. zebra61 Avatar

    I don’t have any …
    I don’t have any solar lanterns to tear apart. I’ve been told they have all the right parts for a couple of good bots. Make sure you post a video if you build one from lantern parts. Thanks for your comments.

  2. ShutterbugW Avatar

    hmm can you make it …
    hmm can you make it talk yet lol…at least have it scream as it falls lol…but seriously cool work…hmm have you tor into those solar lanterns yet..15 bucks one gets a right handy cell and circut..I am planning to tweak my lanterns and sacrifice 3 in the name of science hehee..

  3. sniffysniff777 Avatar

    run away its a …
    run away its a suicide bomber

  4. zebra61 Avatar

    I agree! I’m …
    I agree! I’m thinking about bending the photos slightly so that it isn’t seeking it’s own shadow.

  5. MySquare475 Avatar

    Haha. Its a bit …
    Haha. Its a bit suicidal. Heading for shadows, and heading off cliffs (though it cant see edges).

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