Catherine Mohr: Surgery’s past, present and robotic future Surgeon and inventor Catherine Mohr tours the history of surgery (and its pre-painkiller, pre-antiseptic past), then demos some of the newest tools for surgery through tiny incisions, performed using nimble robot hands. Fascinating — but not for the squeamish.

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  1. BarrybritpopfreekS Avatar

    In what way?
    In what way?

  2. papasitoman Avatar

    Well said. Youtube …
    Well said. Youtube comment debates go nowhere. If you see that someone disagrees with you and strongly, just forget it. You’re not going to convince them. You’ve said your point now move on.

  3. mmminivannn Avatar

    This talk was …
    This talk was informative but depressing.

  4. mermadeinheaven Avatar

    calm down already …
    calm down already and do something constructive with ur life

  5. mermadeinheaven Avatar


  6. TimTrimT Avatar

    @Revalations and …
    @Revalations and Mermadeinheaven: Go get a hotel room the both of you. Your long winded arguments either illustrate how you both need to find new hobbies, or they illustrate the deep for each other that is burning in your souls. Either way cut it out – it’s become spam now.

    Flame me all you want – or just quietly go. (Hint: Only the later option is respectable.)

    Otherwise this video was absolutely awesome! 😀

  7. Revelations170189 Avatar

    holy Zen …
    holy Zen Biology Lesson for Enlightenment, you call me indoctrinated, your are so far beyond reason, trying to weave science into you own half way to religious bullshit. why do you even go to school? your just wasting peoples time.

  8. Revelations170189 Avatar

    and you …
    and you intermixed with science, all im quoting is science, proven science unlike your bullshit “we can already grow peoples limbs and organs write off their bodies” at least what i say i can prove, do you even know what a growth factor is? even if i just got from wikipedia i could still keep you sounding like a 16 year old although im starting to doubt your even that old.

  9. Revelations170189 Avatar

    the fact that you …
    the fact that you end every single comment with lol still serves to further validate my claims as to your scientific opinions being pointless… and as for messed up programming? your the one spurting out this we can already do this corporations are just evil bullshit at least muslims will go all out.

  10. Revelations170189 Avatar

    lol oh my non …
    lol oh my non existent god… at least i went to the trouble of checking your account fully, i have subscriptions to almost every athiest on here, that was a response to some muslims who challenged me to say some pray and i said it to disprove that challenging me to say something is not proof for or against me being religious.

  11. mermadeinheaven Avatar

    “and thus you are …
    “and thus you are not worth my time..”

    lol and that’s why ur back again, because u just cant help urself can u? aww, dont worry, i’ll pray to allah for u lol

  12. mermadeinheaven Avatar

    Go pray to your god …
    Go pray to your god for help. lol

  13. mermadeinheaven Avatar

    lOL actually, …
    lOL actually, you’re doing exactly what u would do given ur messed up programming, which obviously consists of a concoction of regurgitated religious ideologies shamefully intermixed with science to produce the diseased ulcer that is your brain. No wonder Allah gave up on you lol

    Revelations170189: “i bear witness that there is no god except for Allah, and muhammed is the messenger of Allah.”

    Yeah, right. So much for your scientific credibility.

  14. Revelations170189 Avatar

    hmm… after …
    hmm… after examining your favorites list with that pseudoscience spirit molecule, we are the masters of our own universe trash, my previous affirmations where confirmed put simply you really are just a 16 year old who has no idea what their saying, put in a form you can understand i suppose what im saying is i have already confirmed your an idiot, and that arguing with you achieves nothing. and thus you are not worth my time…

  15. Revelations170189 Avatar

    And naturally you …
    And naturally you do exactly as i expected, of course im attacking your age, your 2 years of high school biology are a joke and your massive miss interpretation of stems cells and cell cultures only furthers the common view that your just a kid who is unwilling to accept when they are beaten. show me a stem cell grown human organ, you cant even show me a one grown from stem cells of another mammal. so accept that you know jack or you are just making people look down on you more.

  16. saxquiz Avatar

    Dood, we’re all …
    Dood, we’re all gunna live forever!

  17. mermadeinheaven Avatar

    Purposely attacking …
    Purposely attacking other people by focusing your attention on their age and/or their youtube channel reveals more about you and your so-called “qualifications” than it does about anyone else, Miss ‘Qualified on youtube’.

  18. Mrmoc7 Avatar

    “Lol you “might be …
    “Lol you “might be one someday” huh? Not likely at all.”

    You have the power to make a med school retract someone’s admission?

    Jefferson Medical college, class of 2013 !

  19. mastershake1000 Avatar

    That’d be pretty …
    That’d be pretty difficult.

  20. iamafractal Avatar

    not that i know of, …
    not that i know of, but it still wasn’t fun for a few years. and i was awake for at least 2/3 of those years.

  21. Animalll2003lll Avatar

    what about nano …
    what about nano robots? can’t we make tiny robots that are going to recognize, bind to and kill cancer cells and tear them out of the body? I want to go into nano design…

  22. SpecialKit Avatar

    Lol you “might be …
    Lol you “might be one someday” huh? Not likely at all. Post your real name on here though so just in case I can avoid having you anywhere near my precious organs.

  23. allshaffer1 Avatar

    please have this …
    please have this robotic company contact Dr. Brian Perri att Cedar’s Spine Center in Los Angeles.

  24. Spacemonkey2084 Avatar

    I didn’t mean that …
    I didn’t mean that I expected you believed those things. I was only trying to highlight how far fields like chemistry, biology, physics, and astronomy have come.


  25. tenisplayer Avatar

    stem cells can do …
    stem cells can do whatever they want

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