Robot 3D Scanning and Mapping

This is a 3D scanning and mapping test for my ERP. Its basically mapping obstacles, then choosing the most free path. It scans in only 30 points, so its fairly poor resolution.

To learn more about Sharp IR rangefinders, go here:

And for more on the robot, ERP:

Duration : 0:3:12

[youtube Qq4WnnCJtEE]

4 thoughts on “Robot 3D Scanning and Mapping

  1. Nope, at least not …
    Nope, at least not yet. The map badly drifts as the robot rotates, so it recreates the map on every scan. Sharing the map would be pointless. In the long term I plan to add GPS, and that will solve the map drifting problem.

  2. If there were any …
    If there were any other robots, would you be able to use the data created by this robot for the other ones?

  3. Awesome! I was …
    Awesome! I was planning of making something like this in the future.. Once I get better at robotics, I might try to make a faster one than this. (not to say it’s bad..)

    Awesome robot! Nicely done!

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