Robots sing Happy Birthday to the Science Museum

ICCMR’s singing robots, Tom, Dick and Harry, were programmed at the University of Plymouth to sing Happy Birthday to celebrate the centenary of the Science Museum. The robots were on display at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre on 10 June 2009.

More on ICCMR at Plymouth University:

More on the Science Museum’s Centenary celebrations:

Duration : 0:1:3

[youtube D8_-McoAriI]

12 thoughts on “Robots sing Happy Birthday to the Science Museum

  1. Despite the cute …
    Despite the cute clothing, the robots look terrible if compared to those made by large multi billion dollar companies (Honda, Sony, etc.) – but this is not the point these guys are making. There is some clever AI going on inside the robots; see the other movie “Robots learning to sing to each other”.

  2. “Inspired by …
    “Inspired by visiting a haunted villa”
    Please wake me up when they can replace those actors at “live performance”es.

  3. This inspired me to …
    This inspired me to get my Macs to also sing happy birthday to the London Science Museum… see my profile for a video of it (apparently I can’t post the URL.) There’s no AI involved, so they’re not as cool as these guys, but at least my Macs know the words.

  4. We will look back …
    We will look back on this in 10 years and laugh our es off at how terrible these robots are.

  5. Love this! I saw …
    Love this! I saw this on my birthday, feels really personal 😛

  6. eerie and funny at …
    eerie and funny at the same time
    think I’ll stick to human singing for now 😉 but it’s a start guys!!!

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