Timekeeper HD Pt1

Part 1 of 2 parts, due to the show’s length. From Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Orlando comes a hilarious romp backward and forward through time, courtesey an inventive yet hysterical robot called the ‘Timekeeper.’ This robot invents a camera robot named ‘9-Eye’ who is capable of not only traveling backward and forward through time, but also sending pictures back to us ‘live’ so we become part of the time travel journey. Those pictures get pojected on large movie screens arranged in a big circle around our theater, which is round. With the ‘Timekeeper’ robot fumbling at the controls it’s bound to be one hilarious and unforgettable journey.

Duration : 0:6:43

[youtube yPt8e8mUTQc]

4 thoughts on “Timekeeper HD Pt1

  1. i was there to see …
    i was there to see time keeper the frist time i went to disney in 2000 i still remember him but no longer at tomorrowland i am sad

  2. ah timekeeper my …
    ah timekeeper my robot brother i like calling him even though voiced by robin williams

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