Mqken’s Gallery 2008 – 2009

SONG: Bittersweet Symphony by: The Verve. (C) Parlophone records.

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All drawings done by me, in the year of 2008 – 2009. In no particular order. Mostly Manga, Mecha, some line art photoshop work and some are purely photoshopped work.

The purpose of this video is to mainly mark my own improvement over the years so myself, and others, can see the amount of improvement I have made. As you can see I’ve improved a lot from my previous video. Seriously. That old shiat looks like, shiat. D:

Rate, comment, enjoy.

Duration : 0:2:28

[youtube 7leE-ISFIlE]

5 thoughts on “Mqken’s Gallery 2008 – 2009

  1. AMAZING !!! could …
    AMAZING !!! could You check out my art at deviant art ? my nick is VeryFastKid and it would be very nice to get some tips from You ^^ if You can please check out my latest work, its much better than the previous drawings =)

  2. rofl, someone told …
    rofl, someone told me to draw it for them. I am not in anyway, endorsing unicorns or bright white backgrounds, or a blonde chick with a unicorn fetish.

    btw, hi :O

  3. cool the mechs look …
    cool the mechs look like they have some Gundam influence

  4. WOOOOOOW!!!! THAT …
    WOOOOOOW!!!! THAT WAS AWSOME!! MECHA!! wat the name of that red one x3

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