What is the best robot kit that is affordable?

I am looking for a robot kit like the Robotis Bioloid. I can’t get that one because it costs $800. Is there a more reasonably priced robot (preferably humanoid) that can be programmed in an environment that isn’t just coding in C. What is the best robot kit for a reasonable price that has to be programmable and is hopefully humanoid.

Also do you know of an inexpensive swarm bot? I was hoping to find one on the internet with individual bots costing $25. I only found one being sold and it cost $350 per robot.

I am in high school so I can’t get a discount for academic purposes or for working at a company.

I don’t know much in the way of humanoid in your price range. VEX makes pretty good stuff that is used in various competitions. I suspect you know about it already though …


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