Hatsune Miku – Boku wa Robot – VOCALOID

Uploaded in May.24.2009
Made by miksolodyne-ts
Movie by Osare-P

(Original title)
(I am a robot (PV) (Hatsune Miku Original song))

Osare-P is a illustrator and a PV producer. He has little number of the works, and he does not have a big hit video yet. However, his pictures are very beautiful. This list includes both other author’s videos in which he was in charge of pictures and videos which he himself uploaded.
(Osare-P’s works)

miksolodyne-ts is good at techno-pop and house music. Miku’s voice by him is coordinated to electronic voice on purpose. And, in this quality of voice, detailed adjustment is done. He does not yet have a big hit, but there are many fans of him in not only audiences but also producers.

miksolodyne-ts’s works;
(Can be seen in YouTube)
1. “blue”(Aug.25.2008)
2. “Emotion”(Sep.13.2008)
3. “It’s like a music”(Nov.07.2008)
4. “koi ha ongaku (Revision)”(Nov.27.2008)
5. “Boku wa Robot”(May.24.2009)

Duration : 0:4:34

[youtube t99ICtHpO2M]

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