Buy Back America

Ask not what your country can do for you.

Get the dance music and help us save America:

Thanks to nickleus for the korg:

Thanks to The Freesound Project – dobroide, elonen, nicStage, UncleSigmund for sound effects.

Thanks to Jacob, Cayleigh and Balance Climbing for help filming.

Duration : 0:3:8

[youtube WOFL8PcIfkA]

25 thoughts on “Buy Back America

  1. start selling crack …
    start selling crack like the government did in the 80’s to fund the contra war in columbia

  2. im tryna be the …
    im tryna be the most subscribed person on youtube who doesnt have vidoes! haha

    help me out by subscribing to me please!!!

  3. We live in Juneau – …
    We live in Juneau – more like Ketchikan, less like Wasilla.

  4. Where in Alaska is …
    Where in Alaska is this? I’m moving to Wasilla soon, but my family live in Ketchikan 😀
    Reminds me a lot of the Ketchikan area, which is why I’m wondering. haha.

    Awesome video! :D!

  5. Nice job!
    5 stars …

    Nice job!
    5 stars from TheJapanChannel !
    Check out our channel too if you have time!

  6. I’m dancing right …
    I’m dancing right now. I’ll write again, after I’m fired . . .

  7. Thank you, guys – I …
    Thank you, guys – I loved this. Save America – I agree. However, America is too “SCARED” to save itself.

    SCARED of Socialized Medicine
    SCARED of Islam
    SCARED of “peak oil”
    SCARED of “the other”
    SCARED of negotiation and middle ground

    Honestly, silly dance numbers like this might give individual Americans balls and individuals and fight the rhetoric and propaganda…

    In America you are free – free to follow the rules. all others, fu@# off.

  8. Them’s some awesome …
    Them’s some awesome dance moves!

    How did you suspend yourselves by your shirts like that? Inquiring minds like mine want to know.

  9. heh, was in Juneau last year and recognised it right away. I love that Juneau is so chill you can film/dance in front of the governors mansion.

    Love the vid too!

    Best wishes from Portland.

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