Roboreptile: The Evolution of the Robotic Dinosaur

The Roboreptile is an evolution of WowWee’s famous Roboraptor and Robosapien. It can be called an evolution because although it does share some of the basic technology of the Roboraptor, the Roboreptile is easily a very unique creation. The Roboreptile has some features that simply showcase WowWee’s dedication to continue making robots that are ideal for the home.

Some robotics enthusiasts may notice that the Roboreptile has fewer sensors that its predecessors. Although this presents limited possibility of interaction with the environment, the sensors are sufficient for an owner to have fun with the Roboreptile.

1) Nose Mounted IR Sensors – These sensors detect movement and objects in the Roboreptile’s path. This means that these sensors are used by the Roboreptile to navigate its way around the house. These sensors also receive the signal from the remote control of the Roboreptile.

These sensors are also used in the feeding mode when the remote control is used to feed the Roboreptile. Moving around the remote control during feeding mode will cause it to follow the source of the signal. This, of course, can prove to be effective recreation for the owner of the Roboreptile.

2) Sound sensors – The Roboreptile is able to detect various sounds in its environment. When it is in free roam or hunting mode, it often seeks out sounds in order to confront them. One thing you should know about the Roboreptile is this: it is very aggressive. You can rarely put it in a mood which can be described as “pleasant”. So if the Roboreptile is hunting, you better not make a sound.

3) Touch sensor – There is only one touch sensor located at the back of the Roboreptile. If an owner gets near enough to the Roboreptile, he or she can activate this sensor in order to produce different reactions from the robot. You should be warned, however, that touching the sensor will only produce a positive reaction when the Roboreptile is hooded. At other times, the Roboreptile could get more hostile.

The Roboreptile also has different modes. This is essential in the interaction of robot and owner because of the fact that owners can get easily bored if the robot is too predictable. The default mode is the free roaming mode. In this mode, the Roboreptile roams around the house often looking for food. When it is hungry and in the free roaming mode, it can become very aggressive and will try to track down anything that moves or makes a sound.

There is also the programmable mode which allows you to input your own program into the Roboreptile. This allows you to customize the behavior of your Roboreptile. The programmable mode of the Roboreptile is actually quite easy to use since WowWee actually encourages users to experiment with various programs of the Roboreptile.

The guard mode lets the Roboreptile surprise anything that moves or makes sounds. During guard mode, the Roboreptile will stay silent and will continually scan the immediate area. Once it detects any sound or any activity, it will perform various actions in order to surprise someone.

The Roboreptile is a great product. It is a combination of sophisticated technology and fun interactivity. Although it mostly spends its time roaming around angry at the world, the Roboreptile is truly a robot that you will enjoy.

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