Robot Face That Can Make Human Expressions – INVENT

The newest Japanese humanoid robot, named “Kansei”, is able to smile or frown in response to different words.

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Duration : 0:2:5

25 thoughts on “Robot Face That Can Make Human Expressions – INVENT

  1. HAHAHA that things …
    HAHAHA that things hillarious!!! it kinda looks like thew asian exorcist with eyeballs popping out XD HAHAHA

  2. If you want to see …
    If you want to see robots which look like people check out Hanson Robotics stuff.

  3. No they have a …
    No they have a long way to go, I mean look at that face, It’s disgusting!

  4. It looks freaky; …
    It looks freaky; like from some horror film. I wonder if the researchers get nightmares sometimes.

  5. Haha, that robot …
    Haha, that robot could work as a stand in for Sylvester Stallone or something!

  6. 2 things

    1) 1:01 …
    2 things

    1) 1:01 reminds me of Sylvester Stallone if you told him his puppy was hit by a car.

    2) Screw japan. My robot hears “Sushi” and immediately thinks of japanese, and small penis and laughs. Anti american Bullcrap

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