OWI-9875 Binary Player Robot

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Just OWI introduces the second generation of its binary navigating robot kit. BINARY PLAYER ROBOT is very “predictable”, two-wheeled robot. An internal program stored on a memory disk created by the user ascertains its predictability. Therein, however, lies the fun. Binary Player Robot is easily re-programmable by the controller… you.

Binary Player Robot is controlled by black and white patterns on a disk, which are read by an infrared sensor. Particular patterns activate either of two wheels to turn left, right, forward, or pause. These on/off commands illustrate the basic principles of binary coding. To change a movement program, the operator simply creates a new disk pattern. Set your course and explore the fascinating world of Binary Player Robot!

Dr. OWIKIT says this is an excellent Beginner Series robot. This battery-controlled kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion. It features a pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware, and mechanical drive system that can be handled by almost anyone from age 10 and up. Only basic hand tools are required for embly. An infrared sensor and printed circuit board controls your programmable friend. Binary Player Robot is more than just fun. embling, building, and following instructions help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Easy to emble, this OWIKIT Intermediate building level robot makes a great entrant for robotic competitions, science fair projects, robotic workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps, and classroom activities.

“2005 Top Toy of the Year Award” – Creative Child Magazine
“2005 100 Best Children’s Product” – Dr. Toy
“2005 10 Best Children’s Software High Tech” – Dr. Toy
“2005 Best Educational Item” – Hobby Outlook

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