Hanson Robotics Joey Chaos

Rock on! Joey, Rock on!

A Rock Star is Born.
Joey Chaos, Hanson Robotics latest robot, was introduced at the RoboBusiness Conference & Expo 2007 in Boston, MA, and is the most recent member of Hanson’s robotic family.

Hanson Robotics was founded for one purpose: to design, develop, produce and distribute revolutionary, interactive bio-inspired conversational robots, including the world-famous Albert-Hubo. Hanson’s family of anthropomorphic robots display a unique, artificial subconscious, partly due to their cognitive understanding of language-based interactive speech, conversational capabilities and genuine eye contact, coupled with a full range of human facial expressions thanks to the development of Frubber™, or “flesh rubber”, their proprietary spongy, structured elastic polymer that expertly mimics the movement of real human musculature and skin using 1/20th the power of other existing materials.

Hanson’s robots exhibit the highest level of physical functionality in the industry using an advanced motion-control system to walk, talk, maintain eye contact, recognize faces and speech patterns, and simulate a real person’s personality. All of this is achieved through our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software architecture.

All of Hanson’s robots have a cognitive understanding of the English language, can make eye contact with people, recognize faces and capture the attention of their conversation partner by using a full range of human-like facial expressions.

Pretty amazing stuff.

For more info, visit HansonRobotics.com

Duration : 0:4:33

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25 thoughts on “Hanson Robotics Joey Chaos

  1. When he talks it …
    When he talks it looks like a bad Asian film dubbed over in English with the Microsoft Office help voice 🙂

  2. well it’s so hard …
    well it’s so hard to make good robot. and they can like shoot it many times then it breaks or throw it with molotov tail what’s easy to make from bottle and gasoline or alcohol and just throw it to there and there would burn millions of dollars. it’s easier to just make tank than robot. and it’s harder to break tank and somebody could control the tank with remote controller or something

  3. ofcourse they …
    ofcourse they haven’t send robots there. because there’s not robots what can be so good like humans in war. and i just ment that insurgents would think that americans are covards IF they would sleep in home and send some crazy robots to fight in war. btw it’s not anything same like that sniper kills somebody from distance because still somebody can shoot that sniper.

  4. You really need to …
    You really need to explain more,I’m not sure your point is comming across. How is using a robot on the battlefield any different than a sniper killing from a mile away, or using a roadside bomb or an airstrike? It sounds like your idea of non-coward fighting is face to face over crossed swords or something. No one who’s serious about fighting a war does that anymore.

  5. IDIOT! People like …
    IDIOT! People like you promote war ideas which lead to more war and more deaths, even if robots are substituted for humans, there will still be a human toll.

  6. lol insurgents …
    lol insurgents would shoot that easily and they would laugh how covard americans would be

  7. i’d love to see one …
    i’d love to see one of these in iraq 😀

    the insurgents would be all WTF

  8. this is just …
    this is just animatronics….disneyland has been doing it since the 60s. Unless it’s coming up with all that monologue on it’s own. Otherwise it’s just repeating what someone programmed it to say.

  9. you all didn’t get …
    you all didn’t get this… the real robot is the one saying “tell me more” all the time… 🙂

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