Robots for Daily Life

Robot designers gathered at Robo_Japan 2008 in Yokohama, Japan to showcase their latest developments. NTD’s Yukichi Negishi brings us there.

Within the last decade, cell phones and computers have become a part of modern life. In the near future, we might see robots not only in assembly lines but just as much a part of our daily life as cell phones, cars, and computers. Tomotaka Takahashi, award winning robot creator, hopes to see robots in our life not just for convenience but also as our friends.

[Tomotaka Takahashi, Robot Creator]:
Robots are going to be in your home and your family member pretty soon. We tend to think about the practicality or usage robots, but we never think that way (about) your family or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Please treat them as your friend.

Current robot designs mostly resemble male qualities like stiff movement and dont have many feminine qualities. Creating feminine robots is one of next steps to making robots a part of our daily life.

[Tomotaka Takahashi, Robot Creator]:
I think first of all there is no female type robot because there are technical problems. The first one is its harder to put all the parts inside the body. I [have to] use smaller parts and also design. Second one is that most of researcher in the robotics field is male, so we dont know how to realize female type robots. You know, it has nothing to do with wear skirts or having longer hair.

Tomotakas mini climbing robot helped the electronics company, Panasonic, set the Guinness World record for the longest lasting battery. This robot climbed a 530-meter rope up the Grand Canyon in 6 hours and 46 minutes on two Panasonic Evolta AA batteries.

Im Yukichi Negishi, NTD, Yokohama, Japan.

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    lol i was going to …
    lol i was going to say the same thing*gives high 5*

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    Your plastic pal …
    Your plastic pal who’s fun to be with! Genuine people personality included!

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    our future z gonna …
    our future z gonna bcom lyke dat anime, chobits x]]

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    It’d be cool to …
    It’d be cool to have megaman as a brother : )

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    lol a japan guy talking english?!!?!?!?! now thats news

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    HAHA probably.

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    next will be astro boy and megaman :)~

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    Asians with British accents. Awesome

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    Wow! So cool! That …
    Wow! So cool! That “Female” robot looked drunk though! Joke! Hehe :-p

    That robot at the end, climbing the rope looks cute! 🙂

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    Hahahhaaa graetfull …
    Hahahhaaa graetfull!!

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    LOfuckinL there r no female type robots because of technical problems hahaha women r a technical problem already lol only jokin i love womenXDDD

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    i need one lol
    i need one lol

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    nahh….some humans …
    nahh….some humans may go fat but there will still be some in the population that wont. Then by the process of natural selection, the strong survive and the weak falter.

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    yea i guess that makes sense plus everyone wants to look good… so alot of people would still hit the gym…

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    not neecisarily the …
    not neecisarily the fault in the humans in walle was the fact that they found a train of thought that made doing nothing a perfectly sound idea. Its within our capabilitys as humans to find a reason to do something. The ability to do something just because you want to is the most powerfull of all. Therefore giving up that ability by living in a fully structured life we are giving up what sets us apart from the billions of other creatures.

  17. CapChronic Avatar

    If robots took …
    If robots took everyones jobs on assemmbly lines and numerous other jobs no one wants to do….. we would end up like the humans in the movie Wall-E

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    i would love to …
    i would love to have something like the little robot that was standing on one leg and looking like it was flying. it wouldnt need to do anything special. just tell the time when asked have a cute voice or mabe go fetch something.

    but what would be really cool is if it could link wirelesssly to your gaming console so you could go up against it . i know it would be just like going up against a cpu but still.
    just sitting on your couch relaxing playing video games with your ROBOT!!

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    Wtf why dont you use your right hand XD
    Rofl Lmao
    Thats way better and faster and you dont have to wait XD

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    aww thanks for being kind but i dont go around following strangers lol

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    im sorry thats just funny and sad at the same time ahahahhahahah id play with you (in an ungay un sexual way)

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    ahahaha 1:41 funny shit!

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    female robots = sex slaves for me

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    now i need to save my money for 30 years to buy a robot that can understand me.

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