Can anyone identify this robot controller kit?

Green circuit board, PIC16c505 & PIC 16c57c -20mhz IC’s surface mount on-board, 2 aa batteries with holders on board (on each side), white solderless breadboard (in middle of board), connector sockets for left motor / right motor (just behind the ir photosensors), ir photosensors on each side (in front), a ir LED (in middle-in front), on the back of board has a REMOTE A / B switch (left), a DB9 serial connector (middle), and a POWER ON / OFF switch (right) on the board. Also has 2 small DC motors with worm gears on them, and a few brackets. It’s missing chassis, legs etc. Identifing marks on back of board say:

ISBN 0-07-141264-6

SARK u 94v-0
31/02 S-V0-2 (date?)

Looks similar to the Parallax Boe-Bot in design. Does it use Pbasic programming? Did it have wheels, or legs? Help I’m stumped…….
Thanks, Sir Richard, your right. Now I know it’s a Tab SumoBot. Awsome. They won’t let me rate you best answer because I’m level 1. So..

Sir Richard – best answer.

A search found me this link, and the description "TAB Electronics Sumo Robot PCB". Sounds about right. I hope this helps.

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