Halo 3 – Robot Chicken

Halo 3 – robot chicken

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I do not own any thing to do with bungie, bungie is not my partner ship or anything, i do not own any part of halo, halo is in space, how the would i own it. second i did not make this video. i had not
done this for publicity, the video has recent ly lost every thing, i just wanted to bring it back. as i said i do not own or have any rights of bungie. bungie is not me.
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The order of the games in storyline order:
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I found some leaked Halo 4 pictures while trying to find some in-game cheats or glitches on google,and found a bunch of Halo 4 pictures!

Duration : 0:10:58

[youtube OPKz8iSzdFw]

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