David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion”

http://www.ted.com David Hanson’s robot faces look and act like yours: They recognize and respond to emotion, and make expressions of their own. Here, an “emotional” live demo of the Einstein robot offers a peek at a future where robots truly mimic humans.

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25 responses to “David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion””

  1. SizzlingMonkey Avatar

    Oh god. Imagine the …
    Oh god. Imagine the case mods. People modelling after their wives so they can hit it when it crashes.

  2. sawilliams Avatar

    MCERS – Mutton Chop …
    MCERS – Mutton Chop Emotional Response System

  3. videochemist Avatar

    i would love more …
    i would love more computers with a faces and emotions, so that everytime they crash i can shout abuse at it or hit it and it’ll cry. it’s just not satisfying swearing at a metal box.

  4. marklethanarkle Avatar

    wow, i want one of …
    wow, i want one of those tiny ones! XD

  5. Alaron251 Avatar


  6. studio7manga Avatar

    Suicide rates would …
    Suicide rates would likely be greatly reduced however.

  7. studio7manga Avatar

    Funny, I was …
    Funny, I was thinking of saying the same thing about your level of bitchyness.

  8. clearmenser Avatar

    What’s up with his …
    What’s up with his facial hair? Awesome is what’s up! Awesome!

  9. Jagddeepp Avatar

    okay wats up with …
    okay wats up with the facial hair??

  10. jakylili Avatar

    well the reason for …
    well the reason for creating humanoid robots is so that they can one day be very alike us. Emotions play a great part in the human species. A lot of the decisions we make are based on emotions

  11. marjan15 Avatar

    Slightly better …
    Slightly better audio intro, but still pretty bad.

  12. caseygtr Avatar

    Because we’re …
    Because we’re humans and we’re egotistic about it, We’re so egotistic that we believe a human looking magic man with a big fluffy beard created the universe just for us and we can bend the rules of probability and physics if we pray hard enough to said human magic man with the fluffy beard. It’s no wonder we think we can do what ever the we want to the earth and build robots with faces

  13. ErichoTTA Avatar

    Albert Einstein is …
    Albert Einstein is back as a cyborg!

  14. supajive Avatar

    ive only watched …
    ive only watched this video cuz the guy has a crazy mustache and beard. jesus, i could watch this on mute.

  15. RPFS2008 Avatar

    The reason for …
    The reason for making them laugh is to make them as human as possible. As he said it’s the seeds of empathy.Empathy in ai will be needed because eventually we will have robots that are , for want of a better term, alive…. and much smarter than us.

  16. holyboddy Avatar

    exterminator: this …
    exterminator: this hurts me more then is does to you! -shoots-

  17. UrbanLegend1988 Avatar

    i just need to ask. …
    i just need to ask. Y do we need to give them a face?? and make them laught?? hmm?? Y??? reason of doing it??

  18. ShadowShorts Avatar

    The problem is that …
    The problem is that everyone is a “citizen of their own country,” and everyone wants to do what they want, when they want, for as long as they want, with no regard for the social or environmental impacts. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. If you can’t afford the toll, stop driving!

  19. HighKingOfDalliance Avatar

    or it will at least …
    or it will at least know we feel bad about them exterminating us…

  20. ChaosmanOne Avatar


  21. ArgueExplain Avatar

    The robotic …
    The robotic apocalypse will now feel bad about exterminating us.

  22. seekandestroyDOTnet Avatar

    IBM is evil. We are …
    IBM is evil. We are citizens of our own country and have the right to move ourselves and our possessions across our land without slaving for hours to give our bank account contents away to the government and IBM.

    Cherry-picked opinions from a minority and the monetary beneficiaries of this evil will only convince the absolute foolish. Why must bureaucrats and IBM receive a “prize” everytime somebody travels over their land.

    It reduces movement, independance, dignity and private ownership.

  23. Crunch0r Avatar

    4:20 is like the …
    4:20 is like the toy called ‘furby’, but more advanced..

    I hope they won’t end up like Chucky though ;P

  24. Alaron251 Avatar

    I think you should …
    I think you should look up ‘internet tough guy’ and also, what becoming youtube partner means as well.

    Your level of stupidty is astounding.

  25. cenkz Avatar

    We are in that …
    We are in that generation where we will see these robots in every home, lucky i would say.

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