HR GIGER ART 3D Robots X-ROBOTICA Fantasy Art Gallery There 4 U 2 Explore

HR GIGER ART 3D ROBOTS X-Robotica Fantasy Art Gallery Tribute There 4 U 2 Explore by 3D artist CJM —– —– CJMcKinlay —–. MSIE Controls! Drag Mouse to make your 3D Robot Walk—– Number Keys to Make your 3D Robot Talk & Gesture —- Arrow Keys for Robot–Cam —- cu there at 3D X-ROBOTICA

Duration : 0:0:43





3 responses to “HR GIGER ART 3D Robots X-ROBOTICA Fantasy Art Gallery There 4 U 2 Explore”

  1. CJMcKinlay Avatar

    Possibly, I …
    Possibly, I captured it with CamStudio on this old computer I maintain for tools that only run in early versions of Windows. The high quality option tells me however that it was edited on my laptop in Vista using the Microsoft Movie Editor that comes with that.
    As for capturing today, I will join the hunt with you soon, probably here in YT, with keywords ‘video capture’ — good luck!

  2. 19JakeB91 Avatar

    hey CJmckinlay what …
    hey CJmckinlay what program would you recommend to make cgi cutscenes with cause i cant find any on google and would really like to start learning

  3. Blackroachs Avatar

    This Video makes me …
    This Video makes me think that our future will be very robotic, and life for humans and mankind will Cease to Exist forever.
    Second thought shoots out at me, that futuristic robot’s will be working in some fancy Art gallery of our past life images, showing us whats behind page two and what is in store for us….as humans

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