The Tramchan mobile robot

This is a submission for the Nokia PUSH N900 contest. Tramchan is a mobile robot built over a Feiticeira brush to sweep dinig tables. This is a paper-made prototype, with the actual feiticeira, but “fake” N900, motors and wheels.

The robot will be able to avoid large obstacles, avoid dropping from the table borders, map its environment, localize itself, and autonomously plan paths to move over the detected dirt. It is based on modern techniques for monocular visual SLAM. You can find more details at .

Duration : 0:4:2





6 responses to “The Tramchan mobile robot”

  1. freakingtux Avatar

    Nice idea , great …
    Nice idea , great presentation and the right music!

  2. DoN345 Avatar

    What’s the name of …
    What’s the name of the music track playing in the video?

  3. nwerneck Avatar

    Thanks. It is …
    Thanks. It is really a bit long… As they say, it’s because I lacked the time to make it shorter.

  4. CookieMonsterPL Avatar

    I cant believe that …
    I cant believe that this vid lasts 4 min. I mean we go the idea after 5 sec… except for that, not a bad idea ^^

  5. carlangaslongas Avatar

    n900 makes people …
    n900 makes people go crazy

  6. danielpoeira Avatar

    I want one!
    I want one!

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